24 weeks and Repairs

So this last month has been pretty busy. We’ve been trying to fix all the little things in our house. So far we have replaced light bulbs (lots of them), gotten new front room furniture, a new headboard and bed (we have a king now which means I can have a body pillow! And we also now have a guest bed so come on over!), and we are in the process of replacing the kitchen faucet. John has also been working on our yard and getting the garden plot ready for next year. Hopefully there will be less weeds and more grass, and the garden will be nice and ready to grow plants. We also had the exterminators come and spray the wasp colony that was in the siding of our house. There were so many of them you could hear them inside in the walls, it was gross! Hopefully they are really gone now.

As far as preparing for LBR, we really haven’t done much of that. I got a whole bunch of clothes from my sister who just had a baby, so we have lots of clothes (although I’m sure we’ll need more), but other than that, the nursery is still pretty much a storage room. Hopefully we’ll get it done before the baby gets here. We still have a few more months.

We went to our targeted ultrasound this last week and LBR is doing great! LBR is right on schedule for growth (maybe even a day or two ahead, but that really doesn’t mean much). It’s heart has a perfect rate and blood flow is good. LBR likes to kick. A lot. If I lay on my back, kick. If my bladder starts to get in it’s way, kick. if I bend over, or sit in the car with my seat belt on (which I always do, don’t worry), kick. I guess that means LBR is alive and active. So I won’t complain too much.

That’s pretty much all that’s going on in our lives so I’ll get on to the exciting part. Ultrasounds and the bump. I won’t lie, our baby is pretty cute already, so all you moms out there better be prepared to be jealous :)

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