28 Weeks and Holes

So we still haven’t done much around the house or for the baby’s room. But we still have 12 more weeks, right? But we have had some things going on. John has been taking swim classes for exercise and is loving it. I went with him once and was tired after 20 min. Oh well, some exercise is better than none, right?

We also bought some trees to plant in the back yard. We got an Ash (the one without the leaves) and a Maple. We started to dig holes (and by we I mean John, I just told him where to dig) and the first hole we dug we hit a sprinkler line. By the time we got the right hole dug, it was dark. So hopefully we can plant them today, since it’s been pretty stormy lately. Cora liked helping John pick where to put the trees. Well mostly she was afraid of them, but whatever.

I also put up some Halloween decorations. I made a wreath, it needs some googly eyes or something, but hey it’s more festive than nothing. We also have a hand reaching out from the bushes. Super scary! We haven’t carved pumpkins yet, but we will, don’t worry.

As far as the LBR goes, it’s growing well. At our last appointment it weighed approximately 2.5 lbs. A chunker, I know. We didn’t get any good pictures because the baby was upside down, facing my back and spread eagle. So we had to close our eyes and not take home a cute picture (we got one of a knee or something).

My belly is also growing as well. My belly button “hole” is just about popped. I don’t know if I like it. My belly button has always been tiny and a super-inny as John calls it. So that’s just one more thing I’ll have to get used to. I just hope it goes back to “normal”. It’s starting to get hard to get up off the floor, paint my toes (today may have been the last time that will happen until after the baby is born), breathe when I lay down, and sleep comfortably at night. But it will all be worth it when our little one is here.

Well here are some pics of the trees and the bump, sorry there are none of LBR. Well we love you all! Until next time!!

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