36 Weeks and the Final Stretch

So we made it to 36 weeks!! Yay! So far our doctor has confirmed that LBR is going to be “smart” because of the size of it’s head. Not sure how reassuring that really is, but oh well. That big Noggin has lots of hair on it and LBR is rounding out at about 6.5 lbs. LBR’s favorite game is playing tunes on mommy’s ribs. But that’s okay because I can’t wait to play with those little toes when they come out. As of this morning I am dilated to a 1, which really means nothing but gives me the hope that this baby won’t be inside of me forever.

We’ve painted the living room, hallways, our bedroom, and the kitchen. We still haven’t started the nursery. We still have four weeks though, so we’re good, right? We also finally put up the Christmas tree so that we look a little festive. Next year we’ll get lights for outside.

I’m starting to be ready to be done. My back and hips hurt all the time and I can only make it about 3.5-4 hours at work before I start to get tired. But work is really great to me and they let me sit in a chair while I ring customers up. I’m pretty much going to work right up until I have the baby, which wasn’t really what I wanted to do. I only get 6 weeks maternity leave, so I want all of that to be with the baby, so let’s just hope the baby doesn’t come during one of my shifts :).

Anyway, here are some pics of the belly, the baby, and before and afters of the house. Enjoy!


IMG_2061 IMG_2060 living room kitchen2 kitchen babybump34weeks-words  improvementsbaby 32 weeks


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