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Adam’s Birth Story

I know I’ve neglected the blog for like a whole year, we’ll blame it on the pregnancy brain ;). Anywho, I wanted to right down Adam’s birth story before I forgot. So here it is.

I’d been feeling really great for the few days before he was born, so I wasn’t thinking he was coming any time soon, since I felt horrid before Levi was born. I was full of energy, I was sleeping well, and I could finally breathe! I had been to the doctor on March 25, and was told I was at a 1.5, the baby was engaged, but I wasn’t really ready for labor. Although he thought it might happen around a week later. I had been having a few contractions here and there for about 3 days before he came, but nothing consistent or that felt like progress. I was scheduled to go back in to the dr. on the 1st, and I thought that was perfect, since I would probably be told the baby could come at any time and I wouldn’t have an April Fools baby. Haha, he had other plans.

I went to sleep that night feeling pretty great. I got up at 4:30, on April 1, per my usual middle of the night bathroom break. Everything went as usual and I headed back to bed. As I went to sit down on the bed I felt a slightly-more-than-normal bit of leakage and so I stood up to go back to the bathroom. As I took a step or two toward the bathroom I felt a larger gush and thought my water had broken. I sat on the toilet to make sure, and yup that’s what had happened.

I sent a text to both my mom and dad’s phones to let them know to come be with Levi until he woke up. Then I realized that I probably should call, since a text might not wake them up. So I called them, and they were on there way. I woke John up, told him I was going to shower and get ready while we waited for my parents to arrive (they live about 20 min away). So I showered and got ready, then John showered and got ready while I ate breakfast. I made the mistake with Levi to not eat lunch before we left, and I wasn’t going to let that happen again. I was really calm and just took my time. Maybe it’s because I’d done this before (even though with Levi my water didn’t break) or maybe it’s because my contractions didn’t start until 5 and they were pretty low key at that point. My parents finally kicked us out of the house to go to the hospital around 5:30 and we were off.

We got checked in around 6. I was only at a 3.5, which was a bit of a disappointment to me, since I was at a 6 when I got checked in with Levi. But I knew I didn’t want to just sit at home on a towel waiting for my contractions to get really intense, so here we were.

I had decided to do a natural birth, so they moved me in to my room and put an IV port into my arm, but didn’t hook me up. I had the monitors sitting on my belly to hear his heartbeat, but that was it. I got situated while John went and got breakfast at the cafeteria. I had a pretty easy time with my labor until I got to about a 6.

It was probably around 8 in the morning when I asked the nurse to check me. My nurse by the way, April, was the best nurse I’ve ever had and was SOOO supportive of a natural birth. I told her that when I had a contraction it felt like my body wanted to push, but I knew it was probably too early. She checked me and told me I was at a 6. I labored quite uncomfortably for about an hour, hour and a half, this way; feeling like a needed to push, but knowing that I couldn’t. We figured out later that it was because Adam’s head was as low as it could go, but my body wasn’t open enough for him, so each contraction, instead of moving him down into position, was trying to move him lower, which wasn’t possible.

I finally started to panic, I cried a little. I thought “I’m never going to get past this point”, and “maybe I can’t do this.” I had tried laboring in different positions. I had gotten up to use the bathroom way more than I normally do (this is supposed to relieve pressure down there, which it did), and I still wasn’t finding relief. Poor John was doing his best to keep me comfortable, but I kept telling him he wasn’t doing what I wanted. Since I wasn’t hooked up to anything I asked the nurse if I could get in the shower and let the hot water run over my back. I figured this might relax my muscles and keep them from trying to push Adam out. She helped me climb into the tub and got the water running for me. I had John hold the shower head against my back. I had to be on all fours because I couldn’t stand through the contractions. When the nurse returned she asked if I would rather soak in the tub. I said that would be great. I didn’t think I could since my water was broken, but I wasn’t going to argue with the nurse!

It took FOREVER for that tub to fill up, but when it did, oh glory! it was wonderful! My contractions were still hard, but with the jets running I could actually handle them okay. It took me about a half hour to call the nurse back in to check me again. I told her “I really don’t think I can hold out much longer and not push.” So I climbed out of the tub and got back on the bed. She checked me and I was at a 9! Yeah I could shout for joy. She called the doctor and then helped me get situated. The doctor arrived shortly and as he took his sweet time putting on his gear, I told him I really needed to push. He walked up to the bed and with the next contraction I just let my body do it’s thing. I pushed hard and fast. John says I yelled. I say I grunted like a weight lifter. I may have said as his head crowned that “this hurts so bad” but really looking back it wasn’t too bad, and give me a break, my kids have “smart” sized heads. As soon as his head was born I took a break pushing. I could actually see all of his dark hair, which was weird to me because with Levi (whom I had an epidural with) I was in a different position and couldn’t see him at all. The doctor told me to keep pushing, I said I was too tired, then I had a contraction and I pushed away. He was here! 10:18 a.m. Less than 6 hours after my water broke, and just over 5 since my contractions had started. I pushed for approximately 1-2 minutes, if that.

Of course he was so beautiful and I loved everything about him right away. He laid on my belly for a bit and then the nurse came to get him to wash him up and weigh him. Things had gone so quickly that the doc forgot to cut the cord and we almost had a bad situation if he hadn’t noticed when the nurse started to take him away, hehe. Adam weighed in at 8 lbs 2 oz, nearly a pound heavier than Levi, and was 20.5 inches long. He had TONS of dark brown hair (Levi’s was red). I instantly fell in love.

About an hour after delivering, I asked the nurse if I could shower (3 showers in a day are acceptable when you’ve been laboring and had a baby, okay?). She said they don’t normally let people get up that quickly after having a baby, but she would see how I did getting to the bathroom and then she would decide. I made it just fine and showered and came back to bed. That alone made natural birth worth it. I felt so good (I mean, I still felt like I had a kid, just not in the same way as before). I could sit up, I could walk around. Heck I could take myself to the bathroom without having two nurses standing over me to make sure I wasn’t going to fall off the toilet.

I’m pretty sure next time we have a kid, I’ll want to do it natural again. Especially now that I know how different my labors can be (I’ll know not to expect anything to be the same!). And if we decide to have a fourth, it will depend on how big that baby is. If they keep getting bigger each time, I’m not sure I want to push out a 10 pounder without drugs 😉

We sure do love our new little guy. Hope you love him too. Oh and p.s. I did NOT style his hair. That’s just what it does, stick up everywhere!

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