Christmas, New Year’s, and a Birthday too!

I know this is super delayed but I’m trying…

Wow, okay we had a lot of stuff going on at the end of the year. So I’m just going to put it all in this one post to save us all some time in our day.

We had a birthday party with Levi’s other December birthday cousins the Saturday before Christmas. He thought opening presents was fun for the first few and then he got bored and wanted to go run around.

We celebrated Christmas in Logan this year. On Christmas Eve we did a little nativity skit. Levi mostly laid on top of his younger cousin. I think that means he likes him. Levi’s first Christmas went well. He got lots of fun things and I can’t wait until next year when he really will get into things. We love Christmas!

Levi’s actual birthday was pretty low-key since we had already opened presents with both sides of the family. We went to church and after we had some cake and ice cream with a few family members. Levi loves his basketball hoop that he got. He wants us to pick him up so he can shoot the ball since he hasn’t figured out how to throw it up yet. He’ll get there.

New Years Eve was a day of mixed emotions. John’s grandpa passed away the Friday before Christmas and his funeral was on New Years Eve. The service was wonderful and he lived a good life so we can’t wait to see him in heaven! Levi loved the hotel and the bed with all the pillows! He couldn’t get enough! After the funeral all the cousins and family got together at grandma’s house to celebrate the new year. We counted over 70 people in the house at one point!

Since it’s taken me so long I can’t remember everything so here are some pictures to fill in the gaps!

IMG_6505 IMG_6512 IMG_6526 IMG_6541 IMG_6577 IMG_6596 IMG_0034 cousins_12 IMG_0001 IMG_0005 IMG_0014 IMG_0055

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