CoraThings are good for us! But not so much for our puppy, Cora. She recently had her womanhood taken away from her. Sometimes I feel so cruel putting a dog through this. She also had all four dew claws removed. I picked her up from the vet and her eyes were all wet and she had this look on her face like, “What just happened to me”? So I took her home and set her on her bed underneath the desk where I work all day. She just cried and cried for about four hours. I couldn’t believe I put her through this! But it was short lived – she woke me up the next morning leaping and bounding all over the place so everything is okay.

So Holly has been struggling to find a job since we moved. She found a couple “glorious” evening jobs at the LDS Distribution Center, as well as Blockbuster. The great thing is we get free movie rentals! Holly has only been working there a few weeks and she was already promoted. But of course she was – she’s that awesome right? As for me, work has been good – I’m quite busy. And my Uncle is directing a production of “Guys and Dolls” in Brigham City, in which he’s convinced me to participate in the chorus. We hang out less these days but thankfully I work from home so at least we’re around each other.

We still haven’t found the bike – we’ve accepted that it’s long gone. Our mistake for locking it outside. One day we’ll be able to afford a new one. But other than that – things are good!


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