Lovely Job

So I recently started working at the LDS Distribution Center inside of Deseret Book across from the Ogden Temple. I really have enjoyed this job and all the information I have learned so far. Today I decided that I love my job. I usually help at least one bride or new missionary get all of the stuff they need to go through the temple. I like doing this and seeing the confused faces on all those who don’t understand what I’m talking about. Today however I got the chance to be reminded of just how special the temple is. A lady came in to get her temple packet and garments so she could go through the temple for the first time. She explained to me that her husband had been baptized last September but had passed away this last May before he had the chance to go trough the temple. Before he died (he had cancer so they knew he probably wouldn’t make it) they got permission for his wife to be sealed to him in the temple after his death. As she explained to me her situation I was reminded of the feeling I had when I got my own endowments out. My grandma had passes away a few years earlier and as I sat in the session I knew that it was the only way to see her again and the joy I felt in knowing that one day I would be able to. As this sweet sister spoke about her husband with tears in her eyes, I got to share with her my testimony of how great the temple is and how she really will be able to see her husband again. She said she asked her husband before coming in to the store if that is really what he wanted her to do and she said she got a jolt of electricity through her body letting her know that it was exactly what he wanted her to do. I told her I knew he would be right there holding her hand when they were sealed and that it would be the most special day of her life. I know it will be, it was for me when I was sealed to John. I love the gospel and I love my job.

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