Months 8 and 9

I know I know, I’m behind on my updates. Life is busy now that we have a mobile kid. Let me see if I can remember all that happened in August and September…

Month 8:

  • Levi learned to crawl just a week before he turned 8 months old.
  • He’s started pointing at everything he thinks is neat, it’s super cute.
  • He learned to turn lights on and off.
  • He learned to pull himself up using the couch or coffee table.

Month 9:

  • He started using a push walker and is getting pretty fast at it.
  • He discovered Cora’s water dish.
  • His “vocabulary” is expanding rapidly; John spent a few days away from home and while he was gone, Levi remembered how to say “mama”. Now he has a whole bunch of new “words” that he says. I have no idea what they mean but you can tell he’s trying to communicate.
  • We had to lower the crib a notch, since he’s getting so “tall” (he’s in the 22% for hight :))
  • He’s gotten really bad at going to sleep. This started maybe half way through 8 months. He knows that in the crib he can’t crawl around wherever he wants to so he cries to be let out. It breaks my heart to let him cry at all but I know he is tired and that he just wants to play. I still don’t let him cry very long, John usually last the full 5 minutes, I don’t. But hopefully it will teach him that when it is nap time, it’s nap time.

He’s getting cuter and cuter every day. In the last two months, he has also learned to drive his car around (by making car sounds while playing with his toy cars), he dances to most music. He loves airplanes and big trucks and making faces at anyone and everyone.

As always here are some pictures. Life at our house is pretty great. We are just getting things ready for this cool weather to come in. I’ll try to be better at updating, but no promises.

IMG_5242 IMG_5249 IMG_5295 IMG_5306 IMG_5601 9months 9months_1

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