One Month

I can’t believe my little baby is a month old already!

Levi turned 1 month on Jan 29. Here are some of the things he’s learned to do this month:

1. Nurse-this was a big one for both of us. He was a natural from the beginning until I got Mastitis, then we both shed some tears learning how to nurse again. Now he is a pro. Hopefully next month we’ll learn how to keep the milk in his mouth and not running down his cheeks and clothes.

2. Sleep-okay he didn’t really need to learn how to do this, justĀ when to do it. He usually goes down for the night around 10 and wakes up around 2 and then sometime between 5 and 6. I guess I can’t complain when he’s fussy in the evening because he gives us a pretty good nights sleep.

3. See-Levi can now find an object with his eyes. So when you talk to him he will turn his head and look at you. So cool.

4. Hold his head up-he can’t do it for more than 10 seconds but he’s pretty good at it and does it all the time. He’ll probably master walking by the end of next month and the rate he’s going! :)

5. Drooling-we’ve had pretty bad spit up from the beginning. Now Levi likes to add drool to the list of items that get on his clothes throughout the day. Oh well, we love him anyway.

6. Growing-At his 2 week check-up, Levi was 1 1/2 lbs heavier than his birth weight and 2 inches longer. He’s a hunk, I mean chunk. :)

We also got his pictures taken. He was not happy so we only have a few good ones. Hope you enjoy them anyway. And he’re a one month shot of Levi and Cora. He’s getting so big!

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