So John and I are searching for a place that lets us have a dog. We really really want a dog, but the place we live (which we love) doesn’t let us have one. The problem is that Logan is so full of students that the only places that let you have dogs are either really crappy or really expensive. We have been looking and looking and the few places we have found are more than we want to pay but are kind of our only options. If you know of a place, let us know.

The other thing that’s been going on is trying to find a dog. Why are they always so expensive? We want a big dog (like a lab), something that won’t run away if we take it off the leash on hikes and stuff, and a good family dog. Hopefully we can find a place before we find the perfect dog for us :)

I know that life isn’t too exciting for us right now. John is just working, applying for new jobs and doing a few phone interviews. I’m starting a new job tomorrow. It’s at a call center (not the greatest I know) but it is 40 hours a week, which is way better than the 3-6 I’m getting right now. Hopefully something exciting will happen to us soon so that we can update the blog more often :)

Thanks for all having fun things on your blogs!! Love ya!!

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