Stolen Bike For A Birthday

First of all, I would like you all to meet our new blog. Some may remember this used to be our wedding website. It has since had a makeover and now using WordPress we have designed our very own blog. So go ahead and follow us!

Two days ago was Holly’s Birthday. She spent the day working while I spent the day shopping last minute for her presents. That evening we went out to eat and when I came home I remember seeing Holly’s dusty bike locked up at our door and thinking, “I should go riding more often.” Well so much for that because the next morning… it was gone! So how about that? We live in Ogden for just a few months and already some of our property has been stolen. You can guess we won’t ever live in this town again.

I’ve been doing some investigation and we have a few leads. There’s a few shifty people in our hood so I’ve been doing some profiling. Faces have been blurred to protect the innocent. But which one looks the most guilty?


Stay tuned to find out what happens next as the mystery unfolds! Happy Birthday Holly!

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