Valentines Day

So we didn’t do anything too exciting for Valentine’s Day, even though it was our first one since we got married. John had the flu the week before so he went out and got my Valentine’s gifts the day of. I didn’t care though. I couldn’t think of what to get John so I just got him a card, lame I know. We went to lunch at Cafe Sabor, because we didn’t make any reservations, but it was nice, since it wasn’t too crowded. For dinner we rented a movie and ate a frozen pizza. It might sound really lame but I really loved just spending most of the day with John. John did get me some beautiful tulips (see below). Now you might be thinking, well of course he got tulips he bought them the day of Valentine’s so he wouldn’t be able to get roses, but don’t. I hate, yup hate them. We didn’t have one rose at our wedding. If I came home to roses I would be worried, because that would mean that something was wrong with John, or that they didn’t come from him. Tulips are my absolute favorite flower and so John did the best he could have. He also got me a wedding picture printed out for our living room. You see we’ve been to cheap to go get our pictures printed so we have a bunch of empty picture frames (or ones with my bridals still in them, I don’t want that many pictures of myself in our house) so it is really nice to have a great picture to hang on our wall. Thanks baby I LOVE it!! We also went and bought ourselves some Valentine’s candy, which was nice because then I didn’t have to worry about getting the wrong kind.

I hope you all had as wonderful of a Valentine’s as we had. We love you all!!!

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